Four steps to superb skin

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Return your skin to its glowing best after a summer spent in the sun with advice from the KAZEM AESTHETICA team.


As August draws to a close and we clear the holiday brain fog – that lazy feeling often caused by endless, plan-less days – it’s time to return to work.

Yes, you’ve kept up-to-date on the emails and taken a Zoom call or two from the hotel, but now it is a return to business attire and, quite possibly, the office. It is time to stash the swimwear and shrug into the suits – but first off, it’s a trip to the hair salon, a clip at the barbers, and a visit to the skin team at KAZEM AESTHETICA. 

Here, we share top tips for getting your skin back in shape.

1. Back to base

After months spent applying high intensity SPFs and sweating more than usual in the seriously high temperatures we’ve experienced this past summer, it is no wonder that your skin is looking a little dull underneath that suntan.

Your pores, especially around the classic t-zone area, will be clogged with all manner of impurities so begin your post-holiday skin regime with a gentle exfoliant. Circular motions with your chosen product will gently lift the dead skin cells and prepare your skin for a deeper clean.

Then, next you’ll want to try a double cleanse. The first will remove your make-up and sunscreen, whilst the second rids the skin of further dirt and impurities – and you will be left with a squeaky-clean canvas to begin rehydration.

2. Hydration is key

Your hyaluronic acid serums are the fast track system to getting some extra moisture into that skin so begin with massaging these into your face and neck, perhaps with a gua sha to aid in losing that water retention.

Then opt for creams with ceramides which increase natural collagen growth and are the main lipids found in the skin barrier.

Finally, reach for a richer, regenerative moisturiser to lock everything in, like our NEFERA skincare day or night cream.

3. Inside matters

And talking of hydration, try and up your water quota!

We all know the benefits, yet we all often forget to make this a priority, right?

Plus, take this opportunity to reset your full routine. That means a well-balanced diet, being active whether it’s a new class to throw yourself into and be inspired by or a return to a much-loved favourite, and getting uninterrupted sleep.

After a summer vacation of relaxation and indulgence, your body will relish the routine and the easing up on the butter and olive oil intake. 

4. Lack of colour

Despite all the precautions taken with countless reapplies of SPF, donning bigger-the-better hats, and finding shade in the danger hours of the day, hyperpigmentation still catches many of us out.

Hopefully, you saw our previous piece – Skin in Flight – on packing Vitamin C into your in-flight vanity and liberally applied throughout your holiday.

If not, start now, as this can help in reducing pigmentation and brightening the visage. 

However, should you feel that you’re concerned about the appearance of your hyperpigmentation or melasma, then we invite you to speak to your dermatologist and of course visit us at the clinic.

The team at KAZEM AESTHETICA can offer a host of treatments to return your skin to its peak dewy-ness.

From Fraxel lasers for skin pigmentation to HydraFacials for that extra cleanse and glow, we have options to suit all skin types and experts on hand to meet all of your skincare needs. 

For further information, contact the team today via the button below:

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