Skin In Flight

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KAZEM AESTHETICA tips for limiting the effects of dehydration, dry cabin air, and low air pressure on your skin in-flight this summer.

Vacation skincare begins as soon as you check-in for your flight. Despite all of the holiday pre-prep of HydraFacials and body brushing, the combination of a decrease in humidity and dry cabin air, can render your skin a little worse for wear by the time you touch down. 

Skin is at its happiest at around 40-60% humidity, but cabin pressure on a plane causes it to drop to about 20%. Combine that with the recycled dry air and you’re facing a washed out appearance, oily skin, and severe puffiness – even on a short haul flight. 

So, first things first: hydration, both inside and out. Your body can lose 0.25 litres of water for every hour you’re in the air so it is obviously important to replenish. Drink water before your flight and keep topped up throughout. Avoid alcohol, say ‘no’ to sugary and caffeinated drinks, and decline the overly salted snacks. 

At cruising altitude, moisture is being drawn from the skin so it could do with a little in-flight pampering such as an intensely hydrating sheet mask. Make sure to remove your makeup and apply it mid-way through your journey but don’t forget that air in the cabin is recycled, so you’ll want to clean and purify the skin first to avoid trapping bacteria beneath the mask.

The cabin pressure’s conditions will mean that less blood and nutrients are reaching the surface of your skin, so we also suggest adding an intense serum to your cabin vanity case. Did you know that Dr. Farid Kazem has his own skincare line, which includes the concentrated and nourishing NEFERA Lifting Peptide Serum?

Combining natural ingredients with high precision technology and of course Dr. Kazem’s extensive knowledge and experience, the NEFERA serum contains a host of powerful actives that lift and nourish your skin, filling lines and smoothing wrinkles. The nutrient-rich product penetrates your skin’s inner cell mass to restore and renew its collagen, energising fatigued skin and giving it an extra hydrating boost.

Just what you need!

You will also want to beat that bloated look and feel we’re often left with when flying. Again the air pressure, altitude, and being seated for hours on end can mean severe water retention and adding stress to your lymphatic system. It is why you will notice a distinct puffiness as you step off the plane – and this is less than ideal when you’re heading straight to the beach. As well as getting up sporadically throughout the flight, give yourself a quick in-seat massage to improve your circulation. Stimulate the lymph nodes near your collarbone by sweeping from your chin, to your ear, and down to your collarbone and taking deep, measured breaths. 

Throughout your vacation, continue to take note of rehydrating and replenishing your skin and to follow steps to protect yourself from sun damage. The KAZEM AESTHETICA team will be on hand with revitalising skincare treatments to restore and recharge upon your return.


Bon voyage! 

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