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Exclusively at Kazem: your personal skin analysis!

At Kazem Aesthetica we use the Visia skin scan to assess your skin to determine the age and condition of your face. Based on this information, we then create a personalized treatment plan.

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A look into the future

Our Visia skin scan takes pictures of your skin so we can analyze its deeper layers. In this way we can determine the condition of the skin on the basis of the visible but also the hidden skin damage. The scan shows us exactly the number of wrinkles, spots, coarse pores and the structure of the connective tissue. ‘Subcutaneous’ pigmentation spots and wrinkles that will only become visible in a few years are also measured.
The Visia skin scan compares your skin with people of your own age. You can then see if you have more or fewer wrinkles, pimples and large pores compared to peers and what the actual age of your skin is. Using all this data, Dr. Kazem takes care of your skin step by step and draws up a personalized treatment plan just for you. Of course it is also possible that your skin is in good condition and that not much needs to be done.

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Improve your skin

With the Visia skin scan you can see what your skin will look like in a few years and you will hear the actual age of your skin. Is your skin healthy or could it use some extra attention? With the skin analysis we can give you specific advice to improve the skin. With good cleaning, facial care and UV protection, the condition of the skin improves. For existing wrinkles and pimples we have various treatments to improve the skin such as, for example, a laser treatment .
In Golf Vrouw’s video you can see what Marloes’s skin will look like in a few years and when the hidden spots and wrinkles will appear.

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