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Demystifying dermal fillers

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The KAZEM AESTHETICA team debunks the top five myths surrounding the use of facial fillers.

Dermal fillers are clinically-approved substances injected beneath the surface of the skin to plump and create shape in the lips and cheeks, soften fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead, and essentially ‘blur’ the signs of ageing. But there can be pitfalls and perils when navigating the field of fillers – and mainly linked to the practitioner administering the injections. 

Fortunately, if you schedule a session with our founder and surgeon Dr. Farid Kazem or one of our Merz-Pharma trained specialists, you can rest assured that you are in the best, safest hands. At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we use temporary fillers only as permanent options often cause unpleasant side effects and sometimes serious complications. Our approach is less-is-more and we will always suggest the best course of fillers and treatments to guarantee results whilst retaining your natural aesthetics.

However, we’re sure you’ve seen the nightmare images of a celebrity gone too far, or heard the myths of what fillers can and cannot do. So, read on for the real story behind the rumours. 

Myth No. 1: Fillers look fake

Fillers should not make you look plastic or false, over-plumped or immobile. The best practitioners – like our team of highly-trained specialists – are artists who know exactly the right kind and right amount of filler to use for your face. The best results are those that look like you – just refreshed and revitalised. 

Myth No. 2: Fillers are for wrinkles only

Wrong! Yes, soft tissue fillers such as hyaluronic acid are good at restoring volume loss and thus reducing the appearance of lines, but it isn’t their only quality. Fillers can be used to address a range of concerns from fleshing-out lips and cheeks, to defining jawlines and even treating scars. 

Myth No. 3: Fillers are permanent

While results can be long-lasting, they’re not forever. Our bodies absorb most fillers within a year, which means you can book ‘tweakments’ to refresh your look as your filler dissolves. Some facial fillers can also be reversed with an injection of hyaluronidase that neutralises the filler, causing it to break down and returning your skin to its original state.

Myth No. 4: Fillers are just for women

In fact, we have seen a steep rise in men seeking similar cosmetic injectable treatments to women – although the anatomic areas unsurprisingly vary. Fillers can be used along the jaw and jowls to produce a more pronounced, stronger chin. As in women, the dermal fillers recondition volume and enhance facial contours, so men can expect a more defined, sculpted, and a-typically masculine look from filler injections. 

Myth No. 5: Fillers hurt

During a procedure at KAZEM AESTHETICA, we use a numbing topical cream to anaesthetise the area prior to administering our natural dermal fillers. You may feel slightly discomfort from the needle, but this is very rare. Post the procedure, you may experience some reddening and tenderness to the skin, but this will pass in a day or two. 

Have further filler queries? Would you like to book an appointment with Dr. Kazem and the aesthetics team to begin your facial filler treatment plan?

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