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Return your skin to its youthful complexion

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How a course of EmFace treatments can address loss of collagen and drooping jowls.


At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we often welcome clients through our doors who seek to fight the signs of ageing. They are looking for answers to treat fine lines, smooth-out deeper set wrinkles, and brighten the sleep-deprived, burnt-out skin of the over 35s. We offer Botox and fillers, and surgery if required – but we are conservative with our suggestions for more intense procedures. When and where possible, we aim to work with our clients on less intrusive options. EmFace, the non-invasive, needle-free treatment beloved by the A-List, is one such option. 

The technology simultaneously reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tones the facial muscles to ultimately lift the face and tighten the jowls, the most tell-tale of all ageing signs. Empty promises or the real deal? Read on for our suggestion in lifting that chin and banishing those lines.

What happens as we age?

Post 30, our skin begins to reduce its production of elastin and collagen, two proteins that essentially plump and flesh-out our faces. As we age, the muscle tone and facial fat decline and we begin to see a lowering of the brow, a loss of definition in the lower face, and a weakening of the facial muscles, particularly around the mandible.

How can EmFace specifically treat the appearance of jowls?

The high-intensity facial electrical stimulation (HIFES) technology uses an electromagnetic current which contracts individual facial muscles in the cheeks and jawline thereby increasing overall muscle density. By strengthening this area, the muscles are toned and elevated, smoothing and lifting the jowls. This is simultaneously combined with radiofrequency waves, which heat the skin’s outer dermis and stimulates elastin and collagen production. These dual factors can reverse the sagging jawline and return your skin to its youthful complexion and tone. 

How long will the treatments take and, most importantly, how long do the results last?

Although every treatment plan outlined by the KAZEM AESTHETICA team is tailored to each of our clients, we usually suggest four EmFace treatments, administered weekly over the course of a month. Each session is a mere 20 minutes. Results are noticeable after just one treatment, but naturally the full effects are seen once the full course is administered. The results last around nine months, but ‘top-up’ sessions – approximately once or twice a year – are encouraged to retain optimum ends. 

“The EmFace technology is fantastic,” comments plastic surgeon and founder, Dr. Farid Kazem. “Over a course of four treatments, EmFace can lift the corners of the mouth, decrease the nasolabial folds, enhance the volume at the cheekbones, and tighten the jawline. The result is super-refreshed, younger-looking skin without surgery, without injections, without pain, without toxins.”

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