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See real results in real time with the VECTRA 3D Bodyscan at KAZEM AESTHETICA.


The chief concern among many first-time visitors to a plastic surgeon or general aesthetician is the unknown. Most worries can be reassured with clear information, honest responses on recovery times and discomfort, and deliberate consideration of the risks. Yet, one big mystery still remains – how will I look? How will my breasts/abdomen/nose/chin look? Will I still look like me?

At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we can honestly answer these questions. 

Our investment into the Vectra 3D Bodyscan means that we can see the proposed results of our surgeries or treatments on YOUR body, in REAL time. Not simulations, not estimates; just clear images from all angles. Now that is reassuring. 

The Vectra 3D Bodyscan uses 360° body imaging lenses and technology to capture high-resolution face, breast, and body images. You simply stand in front of the machine and the cameras get to work.  

We know it feels slightly awkward, but the results are always more than worth it!

The technology then stitches the shots together for a seamless, wraparound visualisation of the “now you”, which will appear on the screen during your consultation with Dr. Farid Kazem. 

For all our non-invasive treatments, such as CoolSculpting, Thermage, EmSculpt, and EmFace, we make another scan before your follow-up consultation to provide you with an exact before and after view of your amazing results.

In case of plastic surgeries, you can gain total insight into your body pre and post-operation. You can increase and decrease volumes, provide views from all angles, simulate contouring and look at dynamic modelling. You really can see how your body will look to feel confident and reassured that you already know your refined shape – even before the surgery.

In profile:

Naturally, this technology has proved invaluable when working with our breast augmentation, lift, and reconstruction clients.

Dr. Farid Kazem introduced the first anatomically-shaped breast implants to the region in the early ‘90s and so his experience, plus his much lauded pain-free technique and short recovery assurance, has made him the go-to surgeon.

The addition of the Vectra 3D Bodyscan into this process has risen the standard of care and experience even higher.

The choice of size and shape of your breasts is of course extremey personal.

Although Dr. Kazem can offer his expertise to guide you, it is only through the 3D imaging that you can truly see if your original ideas are too big or too small, or if the shape will complement the contours of your body.

You can view overlays to really see the difference, zoom in to nipple placement, refocus on the realistic outcomes of gravity and implant positioning – and everything is reversed or replaced at the click of a button.

We do not use before and after photos of other people or a universal bra fitted with standard prostheses. We use innovations as individual as you.

The Vectra 3D Bodyscan shows your distinct shape – and helps you to make the best decision.

For further information or to discuss a consultation, please reach out to the KAZEM AESTHETICA team.

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