Rest and Recovery

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With summer here, little self-doubts and body confidence knocks do begin to appear among us – it’s something we all suffer from on occasion.

At such times, here at KAZEM AESTHETICA, we encourage you to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments and truly enjoy these months of warm weather and refreshing oceans regardless. 

However, if there are some concerns you wish to address we can discuss, action, and have you ready for lazy Indian summers, idling your way through the Cyclades islands, sampling every Greek salad and grilled fish in the Aegean within the month. 

We offer a host of treatments which require next to no downtime – so you’re not “too late” to work on some aesthetic worries before your vacation.

NuEra Tight

The cellulite treatment NuEra Tight uses radiofrequency to heat the deeper tissues, making those pesky dimples less visible and the skin smoother, softer, and tighter.

Although its most popular use is for the thighs and buttocks, the versatile advanced technology can be adapted to target the upper arms and abdomen too.

As the first doctor to implement NuEra Tight technology in The Netherlands, Dr. Farid Kazem and his team are the most experienced in the region and can assure you of an exceptional experience with a noticeable result even after one session. 

Downtime? None! Recovery is immediate.

Ultimate results are seen after regular sessions, but a pre-vacation visit and religious sunscreen application should work wonders. 


CoolSculpting Elite harnesses non-invasive technology to target, freeze, and permanently eliminate treated fat cells through precise and controlled cooling. It is a possible solution for problem areas like the abdomen, back, love handles, and gynecomastia or male breasts.

After the 35-minute treatment, the fat cells begin to die gradually which means it can take up to two months for the very best results.

The benefit is that it leaves time for the body and skin to adjust to your slimmer contours and avoids sagging. However, some of our clients have measured a size reduction of 1-2 centimetres after just one treatment – that’s the difference in a dress size. 

Downtime? Zero so you can pop in to see us even between meetings!

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Kazem’s breast augmentation process and procedure means you could have your dream shape and size bust this summer.

Among the first to introduce anatomically shaped breast implants in the early ‘90s, Dr. Kazem’s augmentations ensure your breasts are fuller and firmer with a quick and virtually painless recovery.

You will be under general anaesthesia and, as with all surgeries, there are risks involved, but it is a safe and common procedure where complications are very rare. 

Downtime? Barely! The KAZEM AESTHETICA method means no drain, taping, or special bra post-surgery and you can shower the very same day. You can resume light daily activities within two days and will be fully recovered in two weeks.

Naturally, there is no such thing as “a quick fix” that promises immediate recovery.

Over time, with regularly scheduled appointments and a more collaborative approach to a range of treatments, you can garner better and more long-lasting results.

If you are at, or close to, your personal physical aesthetic goals and are seeking slight ‘tune ups’, then such timely sessions ahead of your travels are achievable – but let’s discuss long-term plans and formulations once you return, rested and relaxed. 

Should you have any questions about these treatments or our other offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic.

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