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Body contouring is a medical aesthetics treatment that focuses on reshaping specific areas of the body. Certain procedures can reduce extra skin, eliminate excess fat, and sculpt or reshape targeted areas where and when weight loss or training have been optimised.

Essentially, you have been diligently working out and managing your diet, but those too soft love handles, those less defined abs, or those less-than-streamlined biceps are holding you back from your aesthetic ideals.

At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we are specialists in a range of non-surgical body contouring options including EmSculpt and CoolSculpting that are ideal treatments for those clients who just need help with those last stubborn pounds. During your initial consultation with surgeon and aesthetics specialist Dr. Farid Kazem, you will discuss options and treatments which will depend on where you are on your wellness journey and what procedures may best suit your body type and lifestyle.

Our treatment plans at KAZEM AESTHETICA are always programmed specifically for the individual – we are not in the business of operating a one-size-fits-all aesthetic.

With that reassurance in mind, what questions should you consider when beginning your body contouring journey?

Which body contouring treatment is best for me?

If you have recently undergone dramatic weight loss or are perhaps seeking postpartum assistance with separated abdominal muscles or post breast feeding lifts, then Dr. Kazem could discuss surgical options such as tummy tucks, liposuction, and natural breast augmentations.

Such procedures require rest and recovery, and the length of the entire process and collaborative range of treatments will greatly depend on the individual. 

For those of you close to your weight and wellness goals, our non-surgical offerings could be ideal propositions.

For those last little fat pockets that just won’t budge despite exercise and a regulated diet, CoolSculpting may be the preferred option. The cryolipolysis method freezes and kills off fat cells leaving your body to gradually eject the fat cells over time. 

EmSculpt Neo uses high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to trigger automatic muscle contractions, similar to those in a super powerful workout. As this method focuses on building and strengthening muscle, this option would be for those who have reached their optimum weight goals and are seeking greater definition. 


What results will I achieve with non-surgical body contouring?

These methods are not weight loss practices, they are procedures to enhance your natural body shape and build on the hard work you have put into your fitness journey. CoolSculpting is a permanent option so far that once removed, the fat cells do not return – obviously as long as you maintain your diet and lifestyle. With EmSculpt Neo, the results are incredibly defined but they are temporary. Although there is a noticeable effect after just one session with either procedure, we recommend a series of treatments over time to achieve optimum results. 

What are the risks, rest requirements, and recovery times for such treatments?

Zero! It is why these treatments are so popular. Dr. Kazem was the first to introduce CoolSculpting to the Benelux region and is a key opinion leader in the field – so there really is no one more experienced! A session is 35 minutes long, requires no anaesthesia, and recovery is immediate, so you can be on your way in no time.

An EmSculpt Neo session is slightly shorter at only half an hour and carries the same zero downtime, zero pain. Both treatments offer fantastic results with the real benefit of limited impact on your day/week/month!

Have further questions? Then please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. 

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