Why you should think twice about breast augmentation

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Here at KAZEM AESTHETICA, we take a different approach to you and your body.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little lift post breast feeding or a reduction to ease your back pain and improve your posture? Perhaps you’re seeking symmetry or a fuller cup or a return to confidence after a surgery? Whatever your reason, we ask that you think twice about breast augmentation and the reasons behind your wants.

Breast augmentation surgery carries little risk, but it is still a surgery and should be considered as such. However, Dr. Farid Kazem has been performing breast corrections for over 25 years and his knowledge and experience proves invaluable in both the final result and the recovery time. So, let us talk you through the KAZEM AESTHETICA breast augmentation process.

Consultation, consultation, consultation

As with any treatment at our clinic, Dr. Kazem dedicates significant time in the consultation faze, responding to your questions, getting to know you, uncovering the reasons why you’re exploring surgery. He will take you through the procedure itself, the anaesthesia, the placing of the anatomical breast implant above the muscle, the recovery, and the aftercare.

As with every process and procedure at KAZEM AESTHETICA, we take an extremely considered approach to your breast augmentation. But explanations and examples can only get you so far – we want to show you your new shape before you head into surgery. But how to showcase each and every angle of your new curves pre-procedure?

‘Try before you buy’

At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we offer a Vectra XT 3D Bodyscan which provides a fully three-dimensional image of your body in advance of any surgery. By running a complete scan of your body, we can use this representation of the actual you – not a model or a generic shape – to assess the ideal breast augmentation for you. It provides an opportunity to review size and shape to ensure that we create the most natural and beautiful contour for your body. Plus we can manipulate the scan to examine all angles so you can see YOUR curves from all viewpoints and feel assured, confident, and most importantly overjoyed, even before you head into surgery.

Rest and recovery

Well actually, with our breast augmentations there is very little need for downtime. Dr. Kazem’s process and procedure means there is very little need for a drain, taping, or the fitting of a special bra post-surgery. You can shower the same day, gently resume your usual daily activities within 48 hours, and although we recommend no exercise or intensive actions at first, within two weeks you are fully recovered. However, aftercare is as important to Dr. Kazem as the initial consultation so you have access to lifelong follow up. The entire journey is curated for you to feel your best.

For further information or to book a consultation, please contact our team.

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