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The injectables and fillers philosophy at KAZEM AESTHETICA has always been less is more.

It’s official. The exceedingly-plumped, heavily-filtered, doll-like appearance produced by a chronic over-use of fillers and injectables is fortunately on the decline. In its stead? A leaning towards long-term treatments that pay off over time. Hallelujah.

At KAZEM AESTHETICA we have long been guiding our clients to age-appropriate aesthetics, focusing on treatments and procedures which focus on a natural look as opposed to a frozen one. In fact this is just one of many reasons behind Dr. Farid Kazem’s popularity among the entrepreneurs and high fliers of Europe. It’s one of the reasons you’ve heard of him and undoubtedly why you’ve clicked on over here to learn more about our offerings.

What’s on the menu?

At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we offer both Botox injectables, the toxin to relax muscles, and hyaluronic acid or fillers which, as the name suggests, “fills up” problem areas. In both instances these can be mere camouflage treatments which may disguise the appearance of lines but won’t focus on the root cause. As we age, our skin becomes a slave to gravity and loses its elasticity – to combat these we need to look at real hydration and encouraging collagen production. And this could mean, alternative treatments.

“I have always steered clear of quick fixes in all aspects of my life and work,” comments Dr. Kazem. “So, although we do offer injectables to our clients, I see them as final touch ups after we have looked into hydrating treatments and radio frequency therapies. The latter focuses on the health of the skin below the surface as well as what is visible. As with every individual we work with at KAZEM AESTHETICA, we like to look at the full picture and address the deep causes – not simply surface level concerns.”

The full course

Each aesthetics plan is totally bespoke to each client. However, in seeking to rejuvenate tired skin and deep lines, we would perhaps recommend a combination of treatments to produce the best and most lasting results. After your initial consultation with Dr. Kazem, he may suggest a cocktail of stem cells and growth factors to promote collagen production followed by a Thermage treatment which uses advanced radio frequency technology to smooth and tighten the contours of your face. Some weeks later, we may offer a Clear + Brilliant laser session to specifically focus on evening out skin tone and making blemishes and pores less visible.

“Once we have worked on the improvement of the skin, then I may look to using an injectable or an hyaluronic acid for slight tweaks and touch-ups,” adds Dr. Kazem. “It is important to me that we retain your natural appearance and expression. I believe in the animation of the face and our work at KAZEM AESTHETICA is to retain this while returning some of that youth and vigour.”

Our expertly trained team are on hand to answer all manner of questions on the techniques and treatments on offer to return your skin to its healthy, youthful, glowing best. For further information or to book a consultation, please contact us today.

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