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The difference between Clear + Brilliant® and Fraxel®

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Two laser treatments to improve your skin, each with its own application and characteristics. These are the main differences.

Clear + Brilliant®

  • Used to even out the skin, make blemishes and pores less visible.
  • A quick treatment with little discomfort.
  • Local anesthesia using cream.
  • Treatment lasts several sessions and is periodically repeated for maintenance.


  • Is applied when the skin has more damage, as a result of, for example, sunburn or acne.
  • The laser penetrates deeper into the skin, which may cause some discomfort.
  • Local anesthesia using cream.
  • Treatment lasts 2-3 sessions and then is ready.

Both Clear + Brilliant® and Fraxel® deliver great results when performed by an expert who knows exactly what your skin needs. You can discuss which treatment is optimal for your skin in a personal consultation with Dr. Kazem.


Are you interested in our laser treatments that improve the complexion and texture of your skin and reduce aging, sun damage and scarring? Do you have questions? Then make an appointment to draw up a personal treatment plan. During this non-binding consultation you will hear what you can expect from the treatment in terms of results and we will take extensive time to answer all your questions.

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