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The risks of belly fat – and how to lose it

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KAZEM AESTHETICA’s four steps to effective weight loss, improved health, and boosted confidence. 

We’re all aware that a combination of high-calorie intake and low activity or exercise is a chief component in weight gain. Of course, genetics play a role too, but age – especially among women – is also a contributor in the battle to maintain an optimum and, most importantly, healthy weight. During the perimenopause or post this change, women can notice an increase specifically in belly fat as lower levels of oestrogen appear to affect the location of fat storage.  

Subcutaneous fat – or that padding just below the skin – is not a major clinical concern, but belly fat also includes visceral fat. This is the danger zone as it surrounds the internal organs and lies deep inside the abdomen. Even if your overall weight sits in a healthy and comfortable range, having an excess amount of visceral belly fat raises the risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • High blood pressure. 

At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we believe in promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our 360-approach to working with our clients in helping them look and feel their very best. As with any of our relationships, be it for Botox or belly fat reductions, we first look to the reasons behind seeking treatments – and then we collaborate with our clients in working on the physical changes. Here are four weight loss tips to get you feeling and looking great. 

1. Get moving

Although there isn’t a specific exercise to rid belly fat, the best options cover a mix of cardio and strength training or an overall workout such as high intensity interval training. But HIIT classes aren’t for everyone. If you have not already done so, find the form of exercise you look forward to.

Moving your body is not a punishment and should be an enjoyable part of your day, so tune in to the exercise that brings you joy. Perhaps you enjoy weight training? Or maybe you love the energy and music of a 45-minute spin class? Maybe it’s a bi-weekly reformer Pilates session? Or a run around Vondelpark? The most important factor is to find something you love – and revel in it. 

Secondly, avoid sitting too much and side-step a sedentary life. Leave the car at home and jog or cycle, organise walking meetings, use the stairs – you know the drill.

2. Rest easy

Anxiety, depression, and fatigue can impact your weight loss journey, as well as severely influence your mental health. There’s a reason why meditation, mindfulness, and journaling are proving so popular – they all help to destress, refocus, and unwind. Also consider your sleep hygiene to maximise a restful night’s sleep. This means avoiding electronic devices before bed and designing a bedtime schedule as much as your lifestyle allows. A night time ritual 

3. You are what you eat

As always, a nutritious diet is invaluable. Practise portion control. Swap out saturated fats in favour of boosting healthy fats found in avocados, fish and good quality olive oil. Include a varied and colourful array of seasonal vegetables in each meal. And of course cut down on sugars often hidden in juices, carbonated drinks, and alcohol. 

Our in-house nutritionist and clinic manager Frederique van Putten extols the virtues of a green vegetable omelette for breakfast but when time is tight, proposes her tried-and-tested smoothie. Check out the recipe below:

4. Fight the good fight

Sometimes though, we all need a little more help. 

In such cases where our clients are struggling with losing weight – and keeping it off – we recommend our SensiSlim non-invasive weightloss programme. 

When you start, the first step is a total lifestyle overhaul with a nutrition and exercise plan aimed at changing your mindset around weight loss. 

Step two includes one of two aids, focused on almost kick-starting the road to a slimmer, fitter and healthier you. At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we may suggest either the implementation of a dissolvable, ingestible gastric balloon or the daily administration of Saxenda injections. Both are non-surgical, but which option we decided on will depend on your clinical history. For example, if you have had stomach surgery or complain of ulcers, surgeon Dr. Farid Kazem may suggest the course of weight loss injections.

“Either option is not a wonder drug; our weight loss programme is not an easy path, and as a surgeon I outline very strict rules to ensure we are focused on health and not simply aesthetics,” comments Dr. Kazem.

“However, SensiSlim is a lifeline, it is a guaranteed method for safe and healthy weight loss and lifestyle change. Our clients have to put in the work – but we are here every step of the way to help them achieve their deserved body and transform their lives.”

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