FDA Approval And References


The most important thing about a treatment is that it is safe and provides results. The cryolipolysis method performed with the CoolSculpting device has an FDA (the American Food & Drug Administration) approval. That is, independent clinical research shows that a treatment does what it promises. FDA approval is a guarantee that a treatment works and produces results and is safe: the definitive removal of fat cells without surgery, without injections, without anesthesia and without a long recovery period. On average, 20% of the fat cells disappear after just one cryolipolysis treatment. The scientific studies into cryolipolysis have been carried out with this CoolSculpting device. On this basis, CoolSculpting by Allergan is the only one to receive FDA approval for cryolipolysis: the removal of fat cells by means of cooling.


An overview of all independent and commercial studies on cryolipolysis performed with the CoolSculpting device from Allergan on the PubMed website:

Learn more about the safety and effectiveness of CoolSculpting on Allergan’s website:



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