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Aesthetics gynaecologist, Dr. Katia Borzenko discusses procedures and passions at KAZEM AESTHETICA.

Dr. Katia Borzenko is on a mission to help women feel comfortable and confident in discussing their most intimate concerns. Her specialties in advanced techniques in aesthetic gynaecology, both surgical and non-surgical, aim to help women of all ages feel empowered in their physical and sexual health. “I want to talk about women’s health as much as possible and encourage women to be confident in discussing their intimate problems,” explains Katia. “The truth is that there are amazing, minor, and often non-surgical procedures that can totally change a woman’s life. And I am honoured to be a part of that.”

Here she opens up about her approach, her techniques, and the importance of her work.

When did you know you wanted to be in this field of work?

The important elements of my work for me are empathy, a craving for knowledge, professionalism, the desire to be useful, and to improve the quality of life for the women I work with. When I saw the very real impact aesthetic gynaecology can have on a woman, I realised this was a special calling. I knew working in this field was an important direction for me. I want to help women feel healthy and beautiful and to draw attention to preventative measures.

What brings you particular pleasure in your work?

The opportunity to find solutions for a woman, be it an aesthetic problem or a functional one, has always brought me great joy. Whether it is a mother of three children or a young girl, a strong woman who has overcome cancer or a woman experiencing the menopause, it is a privilege to work with them on a course of treatment to improve their quality of life.

Women sometimes face difficult intimate problems, and ordinary gynaecology cannot always provide a solution.

I recall another patient who had undergone a long, arduous course of chemo and radiotherapy. Her illness and treatments had critically affected the appearance of her intimate area and severely impacted her sex life. It was so important to help her. After obtaining permission from her oncology doctor, the patient and I made a treatment plan and began our work. After her therapy she was unrecognizable. She stepped into her life with renewed vigour!

I also worked with a young woman who was only 26. For two years she had been unable to enjoy her sex life with her partner due to severe pain during intercourse. Sex did not bring her pleasure and she avoided it. It was important that we took time to really look at the reasoning behind her discomfort, to ensure we reviewed the physical and mental circumstances and so after a long analysis we devised a course of action. Post procedure, she no longer feared intimacy with her partner and began to believe that she could experience a joyous sex life once more.

These women, and so many like them, is why I love my work.

What marks you, your approach, or your techniques out as unique?

My approach is multi-layered. I always look at a woman as an individual; I don’t simply look at solving her gynaecological issues. It is important for me to fully understand the problem, to look at the patient as a whole, and not just a part of her. How can we improve the quality of her life in every possible way? Yes, we can discuss the techniques but also let’s discuss preventive medicine, supplements, a healthy lifestyle. I offer a wholistic appraisal.

Usually, the questions that patients come to me with are quite delicate and so I always try to be attentive and empathic to each of my patients. I give a feeling of not only confidence in the procedure, but also that she has come to a safe place where she will be listened to.

It was why I was drawn to working with Dr. Kazem as he, like me, looks at his client as a complete being, who they are, their concerns, their lives. Our approach is to review the physical and mental health of our clients and then address the aesthetics. It is medicine first, then beauty.

What is your process?

Working with a patient is based on trust, building a sense of security, and empathy. I devote a lot of time to counselling and clarifying all possible complaints; only then will we begin discussing the treatment plan.

A very important point for me is the combination of health and beauty. Any procedures, if they are aimed at correcting aesthetic deficiencies, must first of all be safe. Therefore, before proceeding with any procedures, I perform preventive screenings and examinations. I want my patient to be at their healthiest and strongest before we look into aesthetic treatments.

Who is your ideal client?

I don’t believe in ideal clients. I see real women every day, each one with their own history, their own desires and experiences, their own problems. Young women who are open to new treatments, post-partum mums, women with multiple children, women who have overcome difficult situations in their lives, women who are going through menopause, women who are afraid to talk about their problems. I want to work to improve the lives of them all.

What is the most surprising thing about your job? Which myth would you like to dispel?

It is wonderful to see how even small interventions and non-surgical procedures can change a woman’s life.
I want to talk as much as possible about a woman’s health, about the importance of being attentive to yourself, about being unafraid to talk about your intimate problems. Aesthetic gynaecology can help find a way to address so many complaints.

The myth I particularly wish to dispel is that after the birth of a child, with age or with menopause, the quality of a woman’s life should change. Historically, women have simply accepted these symptoms and changes. The truth is that at any stage in her life, a woman should feel beautiful, attractive, sexy, and healthy!

What are your passions?

My work is a huge and integral part of my life, but I always try to maintain balance. To me, keeping fit is essential; obviously it helps to keep me in good shape but most importantly it helps me cope with stress. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, I box, run, jump rope, do yoga and Pilates plus I devote time to eating healthy food, going for regular check-ups, and taking vitamins and supplements.

What do you do to relax? And to inspire you?

I love cooking, dancing, and spending time with my friends. Traveling, meeting new people, trying new activities, reading books, observing nature. These really help me regain my strength and energy.

What do you regard as your biggest wins professionally and personally?

When my patients and I are at our healthiest and happiest.

Dr. Katia Borzenko is a sought-after aesthetics gynaecologist. She specialises in a host of surgical and non-surgical procedures including:

  • Correction of the labia majora
  • Correction of the entrance to the vagina
  • Bio-revitalization of the intimate zone
  • PRP therapy/polynucleotides
  • Correction of urinary incontinence
  • Correction of the G-zone
  • Peeling of the intimate zone

Dr. Katia Borzenko is now available for private consultations at KAZEM AESTHETICA.

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