Nina’s first experience with injectables

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More and more women (and men!) are using injectables .

Nina shares her experience and talks about her ‘first experience with injectables’…

  • Why did you decide to get injectables?
    I was often told that I looked angry in bright sun or when I was daydreaming and that was mainly because I frowned a lot. When I was 28 years old, I wanted to make a change and decided to try injectables. Not because I had a lot of wrinkles, but because I wanted to prevent them from forming because of all that frowning.
  • Tell us about your treatment, did you find it painful?
    The first time I was quite nervous because I didn’t know exactly what to expect. But Dr. Kazem took the time to explain to me what was going to happen. Then he drew the points where he was going to inject and before I knew it the treatment was over! In less than ten minutes and without pain. I brought a stress ball with me to the treatment, but luckily I didn’t need it 😊!
  • How long did it take to see results?
    The first time I had injectables, it took about two weeks before the effect really became visible. I was so happy to finally be able to sit outside in the sun without looking like I was angry. Plus, I also had fewer headaches! After that I continued to use injectables. Nowadays I go for a maintenance treatment every three to four months and the effect can be seen after a few days.
  • Were you able to do everything right after the treatment?
    There was no real downtime, but it was advised not to bend my head too much for the first 24 hours, not to exercise intensively, not to go to the sauna and not to tweeze my eyebrows. In short, nothing that would strain the scalp. But the last time I went to the beach right after my injectables treatment. I took it easy and was not bothered by anything; no one noticed!


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