Four trends in the world of plastic surgery!

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A few years ago, plastic surgery seemed only appealing to women who were extremely secretive about it.

Today plastic surgery is booming and here are the four reasons why.

  • No more taboos!
    The new generation likes open communication. They share and discuss what treatments they have undergone or plan to undergo.
  • Brotox!
    Men are also increasingly interested in cosmetic treatments, from fat removal to muscle toning, Botox and eyebrow lifts.
  • Beauty without pain!
    Thanks to a growing range of non-surgical procedures, more and more people are using accessible treatments that take less time, are painless, have no downtime and provide permanent results!
  • A treatment-cocktail!
    Because beauty can now be achieved pain-free, more and more people are choosing to combine different treatments for optimal results.


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