Three Problems Injectables Can Fix!

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Injectables are suitable for wrinkles that are caused by the frequent contraction of muscles. For example, in people who frown a lot.

Did you know that besides reducing wrinkles, injectables also have other benefits?

Here are 3 surprising things that injectables can treat, too.

  • Injectables for migraines
    Injectables effectively treat headaches caused by muscle tension. The FDA has approved injectables as a treatment to prevent chronic migraine attacks.
  • Injectables against excessive sweating
    Injectables block the nerves that cause sweat glands to produce sweat. This stops the excessive perspiration, also called hyperhidrosis.
  • Injectables against teeth grinding
    When injectables are inserted into the jaw muscle, the muscle relaxes and the transmission of nerves to the jaw muscle is temporarily stopped. This reduces teeth grinding or even completely disappears.


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