Fillers: Do’s & Don’ts!

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Fillers are becoming more and more popular and when done by a good qualified doctor they look fantastic. Take advantage of our ‘5 Do’s & Don’ts’ to better prepare for this treatment.

  • DO! Use a temporary filler with Hyaluronic Acid.
    Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body and strengthens the skin. The liquid has a temporary effect of 6 to 24 months: the body breaks down this natural substance again.
  • DO! Only work with an experienced surgeon.
    Always choose an experienced and competent doctor. Someone who is skilled is well aware of the effect of the product being used, knows everything about the anatomy of the face and is familiar with different treatment techniques and all possible risks. So always make sure that you are only treated by a registered and experienced doctor.
  • DO! Make your own choice for fillers.
    Make an informed choice and do not let others influence you. Also make sure that your doctor understands your wishes. If you can’t figure it out together; just say no. Trust in the doctor and his treatment.
  • DON’T! You really don’t have to suffer!
    Do you have a low pain threshold or are you afraid of injections? You may be given a numbing cream or anesthetic for the treatment. This numbs your skin so that you feel the pricks much less or not at all.
  • DON’T! Never use permanent fillers.
    Permanent fillers often cause unpleasant side effects and sometimes even serious complications over time. Not for everyone, but our advice is: do not take permanent fillers!


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